It’s estimated that Lek上海乌托邦 travel northwest at a

a speed of 20 km/h and enter the East China Sea on Friday morning. It is exp

上海乌托邦ected to make landfall at a coastal area in Zhejiang province on Saturday morning.

The National Meteorological Center renewed its orange alert at 6 pm on Thursday.

Orange is the second most severe in China’s four-tier color-coded weather warning system.上海乌托邦

The center also said that Lekima, the ninth typhoon of the year, strengthened int

o a super typhoon on Wednesday night but will be downgraded by the time it reaches Zhejiang.

上海乌托邦女神会所Heavy rains will fall on Taiwan, central and eastern Zhejiang, Sha

nghai, eastern Jiangsu, eastern Shandong and Liaodong peninsulas, through Sunday.

Meteorologists suggest potentially affected areas strengthen safety inspection上海乌托邦

s of coastal dikes, rivers and lakes and be prepared to prevent urban floods, landslides and other geological disasters. Ships and of

fshore platforms should be evacuated in advance, and tourist attractions near the sea, islands or mountains should be closed.

Huang Ming, Party chief of the Ministry of Emergency Management, led a video conference on Thursday in Beijing to organize preparations for the typhoon.

He said that monitoring should be enhanced to issue early warnings. Also, residents-especially those living in old com上海乌托邦女神会所

munities, construction sites, tourist attractions and places easily affected by geographic hazards-should be transported to safe shelters.

上海乌托邦Zhejiang’s flood control authority issued an emergency notice on Thursday to raise the typho

on response to Level 3. In Taizhou, one of the province’s coastal cities, nearly all fishing boats docked at the port.

In Xiangshan of Ningbo, a traditional fishing hub in Zhejiang, over 2,700 fishing boats have returned

to shelter with 8,184 fishermen brought onshore, according to the local fishery administration.上海乌托邦女神会所

Shanghai’s flood control department also issued an emergency notice to lower the water le

vel in rivers and check drainage networks, pumping stations and related facilities.