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o-headquartered Baker McKenzie and Beijing Fenxun Partners in April 2015. In an action plan rolled out in April 2018, the Shanghai Municipal Bu

reau of Justice said it will study the possibility of promoting the joint oper上海会所

ation model to the rest of the city to further improve the business environment.

When other university students enjoy summer vacation, one 20-year old woman上海会所品茶微信

is busying herself with an unusual online career in Changsha, Central China’s Hunan province.

上海会所Taught to be independent in 18 by her mother, Wei Shufen, a performance major f

ascinated with the process of eating, started producing web videos on food as a freshman.

Cooperating with classmates skilled at video shooting and editing, Wei developed series with 2

million fans, eventually receiving some commercial video production orders.上海会所品茶微信

A meatball video titled “I like to eat hot pot” attracted tens of thousands of people to visit a store on Taobao, China’s largest e-commerce platform.

上海会所Financially independent as a sophomore, Wei is optimistic about her new identity as an anchor on Taobao and expects a brighter future.

French musical based on Edith Piaf revives sweet memories for Chinese audiences

When French actress Sophie Marceau appeared as pa上海会所品茶微信rt of China Central Television’s traditional annual gala in 2014, s

he performed La Vie En Rose along with Chinese veteran singer-songwriter Liu Huan, for more than a billion viewers.

The song by French singer Edith Piaf (1915-63), which was released as a single in 1947, then became popular with the Chinese.v

Now, a French musical, entitled Piaf! Le Spectacle, which focuses on the life and career

of the French singer, is touring Chinese cities with 47 shows, enabling Chinese audiences to enjoy the song again.

“I’ve learned that Chinese audiences are very familiar with the song, La Vie En Rose, and with上海会所品茶微信

the musical, we want to introduce the story behind the song,” says Gil Marsalla, the director of the mu

sical, speaking in Beijing before the musical kicked off its tour in the capital from July 31 to Aug 11 at Tianqiao Performing Arts Center.