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oration event in winter that is hard to carry out in the summer sun,” he said. “Sk

iing and hot springs are popular choices for travelers visiting the northern areas.”上海419

The region, however, still faces challenges because of insufficient tour products, inconv

上海419enient transportation, a shortage of talent and insufficient planning and management, according to the report.

“Talent is the main problem,” Zhang said. “Tour guides and management staff are in high demand. Also, there are few training courses

available to people in the tourism industry. We need people to bring new ideas to help promote the region’s tourism development.”上海419女神会所

Nation to hit 200 million hectares, realize fully functioning ecosystem

China has unveiled a plan to protect and restore the country’s forests, with the aim of reaching a total area of 200 million hectares by 2035.

上海419According to the plan, released by the State Council recently, a mechanism for

forest protection and restoration will be built for all of the country’s natural forests by 2020.

By 2050, a fully functioning ecosystem will be complete, which will play a fundamental role in the country’s sustainable development goals.

“The plan shows our principle of making environmental protection the priority and realizing a harmonious coexis

tence between nature and humans,” a top official from the National Forestry and Grassland Administration said in a recent interview.上海419女神会所

“It also shows China’s significant contribution to tackling world climate change

and our confidence to build a beautiful China through ecological progress,” the official said.

上海419In 1998, the Chinese government implemented the Natural Forest Protection Progr

am in 16 provinces, including Heilongjiang, Jilin, Hebei, Yunnan, Hunan and Liaoning.

The program included logging restrictions, protected areas, replanting and a ran上海419女神会所

ge of other policies aimed at safeguarding the country’s forests and reducing the risk of erosion and flooding.

上海419China has 197 million hectares of forests. In the past two decades, the central government has spent more th

an 400 billion yuan ($57 billion) protecting about 129 million hectares of forest, of which 28.5 million hectares were planted during the period.