The survey found that 上海夜生活t of the overseas retur

nees were expecting a salary equivalent to the same they received abroad. On the contrary, 58 percent of the o

verseas returnees across the whole of Asia felt that living closer to their family was the most compelling reason to move back.上海夜生活

Overseas returnees may also face challenges after coming home and working for companies at home as the corporate culture differs, the survey said.

“Overseas returnees should do research about their home countries’ corporate culture,” says Qu Na, vice-president of human re上海夜生活品茶微信

sources, corporate communication and sales training at Lundbeck China, a unit of the Denmark-based international pharmaceutical company.

上海夜生活”My suggestion is that they be more patient and give themselves time to understand local working environments,” Qu said.hine

se art troupe, consisting of performers from different ethnic groups, presented a medley of China’s folk culture in Tunis, Tunisia, on

Tuesday. The Carthage International Festival is one of the annual key cultural events held in Tunisia.上海夜生活

During previous years, Peking Opera artists participated in the festival.hild looks at sculptures p

ortraying chuiwan, an ancient Chinese ball game, at an exhibition in Taiyuan Art Museum in Taiyuan, capital of North China’

s Shanxi province, on Aug 6, 2019. Chuiwan was played in the open air, quite similar to m上海夜生活品茶微信

odern golf. People won the game by kicking the ball into holes with flags. Through a

ncient murals and modern sculptures, the exhibition titled Sports Elements in Ancient Frescoes in Shanxi shows a diverse array of ancien

上海夜生活A new volume brings the beauty and imagination of rare Qing Dynasty natural history encyclopedias to modern-day readers, Wang Kaihao reports.

If you like fantastic beasts, we know where to find them. Wait! We’re not talking about the Harry Potter prequels, but the story of Emperor Qian

long’s (1711-99) albums of rare birds, exotic beasts and marine animals-which probably deserves to be adapted into a fantasy film as well.上海夜生活品茶微信

Let’s put this idea aside for a moment, and look at the Qing Dynasty  emperor’s literary collection of fantastic

animals housed at the Forbidden City, China’s former imperial palace, now officially known as the Palace Museum.