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he bookstore takes pride in promoting and telling stories of the Chinese culture.

A cafe inside also prolongs business late into the night. There are customers who order a drink before falling asleep and th上海419女神会所

ose who, it is clear, are present just because they would prefer to be here than out in the street. The bookshop managers say it does not enco

上海419urage these people to stay, but on the other hand if they are not disturbing others it turns a blind eye to them.

In April The Beijing News quoted the bookshop chain’s general manager, Hao Dachao

, as saying the Sanlitun outlet was taking 20,000 yuan ($2,900) a day on week days in normal p上海419

eriods and 50,000 yuan a day during weekends and on holiday days, and after beginning to break even was turning a profit.

However, things have not always been that easy. When Sanlian Taofen opened its first 24-hour bookshop in Beijing five years ago上海419女神会所

, near the National Art Museum of China, it was acclaimed by no less than Premier Li Keqiang, but its second 24-hour shop, which ope

ned near Tsinghua University in 2015, struggled to make its mark and was eventually forced to adopt more orthodox trading hours.

“Location turns out to be key,” Jiang Jun, manager of the Sanlitun shop, told China Daily. “Manage上海419

ment and operational strategies are also important. A 24-hour bookshop can’t survive on government subsidies.

上海419女神会所We survive on book sales. Takings for things such as food, drink and souvenirs account for just 10 percent of the total.

“In the few years we’ve been operating, we’ve been able to see tangible demand for 24-hour bookstores.”

Despite some failures, more 24-hour bookshops are sprouting up, located in areas上海419

likely to draw high volumes of people, especially those who enjoy nightlife.

They include October Time 24-Hour Bookstore in Zhongguancun, Beijing’s tech

nology zone, which caters mainly to university students and those who run startup companies;上海419女神会所

and Page One, near Tian’anmen Square, which started making one of its three floors available around the clock recently.