Von der Leyen secures 上海夜生活mission top job

Instead, the mother-of-seven and Germany’s first female defense minister – who said ahead the vote she would resign her off

ice – thanked lawmakers with a smile and said “The task ahead of us humbles me. It’s a big responsibility and my work starts now.”

Her election was preceded by good news on Tuesday as a barrage of polit上海夜生活品茶微信

icians, including senior EU lawmakers, threw their support behind her in St

上海夜生活rasbourg. But the vote in the seat of the EU legislature was a secret ballot, potentially enabling lawmakers to break from official lines.

Von der Leyen was born and grew up in Brussels, Belgium, where her father once se

rved as a senior officer in the EU. She will, upon taking office in November, oversee the EU’s executive branch of ar上海夜生活

ound 32,000 staff in her birth place and represent the 500-million strong economy in the world.

上海夜生活品茶微信A trained gynaecologist, she was fluent in English, French and German and she made a point of that b

y speaking the three languages in one speech on Tuesday morning to EU lawmakers, in a last bid to win their support.

There is no basis for China to participate in trilateral arms control negotiations with the United

States and Russia at present, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said on Tuesday.上海夜生活

At a regular news conference, Geng called on Russia and the US to continue drastically reducing their nuclear weapons in a veri

上海夜生活fiable, irreversible and legally binding manner, which he said would create conditions for realizing final and full nuclear disarmament.

Representatives from Russia and the US were to meet in Geneva on Wednesday to explore a new accord to limit nu

clear arms that could eventually include China, according to Reuters, which cited senior US officials who requested anonymity.上海夜生活

US President Donald Trump has said he would like to see a next generation arms co

ntrol deal with Russia and China to cover all types of nuclear weapons, according to US media reports.上海夜生活品茶微信

US Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan will lead the US delegation in Geneva, which will include

Tim Morrison, a top aide at the White House National Security Council, and repres上海夜生活

entatives from the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Security Agency.

上海夜生活品茶微信Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov will lead the Russian delegation.

Geng said he hopes the negotiations will send a positive message to the world.

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between Russia and the US is set to expire on Aug 2.