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 the Australian dollar is actually helping the nation’s exports stay competitive.

“The falling Australian dollar will gradually provide some renewed tailwinds (aided by Indian and Chinese s上海419女神会所

tudent growth). And global commodity prices are bigger than Christmas, generating such a mas

上海419sive jump in mining profits that, despite their caution, more miners are considering new investments,” he said.

“At the state level, China’s striking stimulus has commodity prices riding high,

and that’s helping Western Australia and Queensland get their mojo back.”上海419

“China is doing its darndest to spark a recovery in Western Australia, with the stat

上海419女神会所e’s miners now adding capacity and hiring workers in iron ore, gold and lithium,” Richardson added.

Beijing launched the first national financing service platform serving energy c

onservation industry on Friday, as a move to further ease the difficulty o上海419

f small and medium-sized enterprises accessing bank loans, according to the capital’s development and reform commission.

The total output value of Beijing’s energy conservation service industry is about 71.5 billion

上海419女神会所yuan ($ 10.4 billion), which accounts for 15 percent of the whole industry at national level, according to the ESCO Comm

ittee of China Energy Conservation Association. By the end of 2018, there were 941 energy conservation companies in Beijing.

The platform adopted online and offline service modes to help companies publish financing needs and financial institution pr

oducts online, said Fang Mingcheng, director of resource conservation and environment protection department of Beijing Municipal C上海419女神会所

ommission of Development and Reform. It also recommends personalized solutions in bank loans for enterprises offline.

A WeChat online platform that includes contents of policy information, enterprise projects, financial institutions an

d industrial news has also gone online. Seven financial institutions in banking industry will provide relevant services via the platform.上海419

Jiao Yue, deputy director of Beijing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Association, said the pl

atform owns four databases in policy, enterprises, institutions and think tanks.上海419女神会所

“It aims to solve the problem of information imbalance between small and medium-sized enterprises and financial institutions,” he said.